Cover of 'Serenity: Bardic Eddas of Ry'gel' by Lord Michael Ravenheart

Serenity: Bardic Eddas of Ry'gel

A compilation of excerpts, quotes, poems, legends, songs, and prophecies from the Elven (Aldari/Alnari) country of Ry'gel and the world of Proxima by Lord Michael Ravenheart. Intended to be an intro to Michael Ravenheart's world, this book will contain many quotes from both characters of Lord Michael Ravenheart's books and from him as well. Included will be the epic poem that has become a fan favorite and has been turned into a series of several novellas, "The Road Of The Seven Sisters," with a few teasing excerpts from Michael Ravenheart's much larger novels from a series called "The Time Of The Oath." Enjoy a dwarven drinking song, take a trip to an upside-down tower, and meet the prolific hero A'lonna Ravencrest, Lord Ravenheart's own grandlria, and travel to the world of Proxima; sit at a fire and sip some mead while the author welcomes you to "Serenity: Bardic Eddas Of Ry'gel."

Available in paperback, e-pub, and hardcover.

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About The Author

Lord Michael Ravenheart

Lord Michael Ravenheart is a professed Hellenic, following the sacred pathways of the Olympic Gods and Goddesses. He has been studying ancient cultures, languages, myths, prophecies and people all of his life. He has been writing for almost as long and has finally decided to put to the written and narrated word, his account from the history of the planet Proxima and its elven 'aldari and alnari' citizens. He has lived the life of a warrior, recluse, a rogue, rancher and the resident in a penal colony and now he wishes to settle into the calm and serene life of war, dragons, elves and faeries, orcs, politics and love, daemons, angels, and high adventure on his island home in Greece. Join him for a spot of tea, some Avarin wine, or even some Valkyrie mead. He would be happy to share a tale or two with you travelers and perhaps you might walk away better for it. To learn more about Lord Michael Ravenheart visit his Facebook page and visit the Facebook group The Road of the Seven Sisters.

Picture of author Lord Michael Ravenheart